Sunday, 20 August 2006

Recycling's Front Line
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Recycling Checklist

  1. Choose a reputable recycler.  Ask how incoming equipment is accounted for and where it—and its components—will be sent for recycling.

  2.  Ask reuse organizations if equipment is tested before it is passed on for donation and if the group ships only working equipment.

  3.  Ask how the recycler or reuse organization handles data destruction.

  4. Many programs include options for donating working equipment for reuse.

  5. Equipment manufacturer’s recycling programs tend to be fairly easy and accountable. It’s a good place to start.

  6. Virtually all manufacturers’ U.S. take-back programs carry fees.  Prices and methods of returning electronics to manufacturers and recyclers are constantly changing.

  7. Another option is the public agency that regulates garbage disposal and recycling in your region. It should have a list of recyclers and local take-back events.

  8. Televisions – Any recycler that accepts equipment with CRTs should take televisions, although almost none of the U.S.-based take-back programs run by computer manufacturers do.

Organizations with Recycling Programs

ManufacturesService ProvidersCharitiesRetailers
AppleBlackberryCharitable RecyclingBest Buy
CanonCellular One Goodwill Circuit City
Dell Ingram Micro March of DimesOffice Depot
EpsonPalmNational Christina FoundationStaples
Gateway Sprint/NextelWireless Recycling

IBMVerizon Wireless