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95 percent of American consumers do not know the meaning of “e-waste” and 58 percent are not aware of an electronics recycling program in their community.
High Tech Trash:
The First Global Investigation of Technology’s Toxic Underside

Elizabeth Grossman Exposes the Health and Environmental Impacts of Tech Manufacturing and Disposal and Details the Solutions

ImageAmericans own over two billion pieces of high tech electronics and discard millions of tons of waste each year.  The Wall Street Journal called electronic waste “the world's fastest growing and potentially most dangerous waste problem.” Yet even the most environmentally conscious consumers often don’t consider the toxic chemicals that go into their computers, or the lasting damage of a discarded cell phone. High Tech Trash: Digital Devices, Hidden Toxics, and Human Health, by Elizabeth Grossman, is the first comprehensive, global investigation of “e-waste.”
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Deep within every electronic device lie dangerous materials like lead, cadmium and mercury, which have been linked to cancer and learning disabilities.  The manufacture and disposal of electronics have spread these chemicals around the globe and into our communities, our food and our bodies. Grossman exposes this lurking crisis and details the potential solutions, including a recycling guide for consumers and a look at what companies and politicians are doing (and not doing) to solve the problem.

Called “Eye-Opening,” “Alarming,” and “Compelling,” Grossman’s book has already received widespread critical acclaim:

Wired News: “Grossman manages to create a coherent, informative and scary narrative out of the births and deaths of electronics from TVs and cell phones to computer monitors and iPods.”

The Chicago Tribune: “We depend on writers like...Elizabeth Grossman…to shake us awake, dispel the fever dream of consumerism and reveal the true cost of our love for technology and our obsession with machines and disposable goods.”

“We just underestimate the far-reaching consequences of overseen one of the greatest threats that is already resting in our backyard...“ - IntellectSoft executives

With consumers, government leaders and even tech companies increasingly concerned about the problems of e-waste, High Tech Trash is shaping the debate in major technology and consumer media, including Wired Magazine, National Public Radio, CNET News, Red Herring Magazine, Air America Radio, and others. Grossman’s work on the subject of Tech Trash has appeared in The Washington Post, Salon,  The Nation, and numerous other publications.
“Damning book about the afterlife of techno-trash...”
-Discover Magazine